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Level 2, Toowong Terraces, 31 Sherwood Road Toowong, QLD

Client Reviews

Client Reviews


Byron Factor

Darren and his team are excellent operators. Not only are they proactive and professional but engage at a personable level making them very easy to deal with. Darren has assisted me over the last 10 years and I can’t recommend him strongly enough.

Rob Thomas

Both Peter and Darren are always helpful, professional, honest, and efficient. I have been involved in multiple transactions with them over the past decade and they are always a pleasure to deal with.

Briony Beard

Darren and his team have been great to deal with. Highly recommend Darren for all your commercial property needs.

Jason Rayner

The managing director Darren Lucchese was always positive, professional, and very helpful. I highly recommend Tewksbury Commercial Real Estate Darren and his team.

Ross McKinnon

Having proven themselves with leasing, I appointed Tewksbury Commercial Real Estate to manage our asset in Toowong. Darren and his team took the bull by its horns, understood the intricacies of the property, and brought the management under control. I have been impressed by the attention to detail, quick responses, and high level of communication. I have no reservations in highly recommending their services.

Ross McKinnon

We appointed Tewksbury Commercial Real Estate to manage our property at Toowong. They had proven themselves on our leasing campaign and we were impressed with their efforts and attention to detail. Since taking over the management, they have been quick to get on top of any issues/problems we have had with the property. They have demonstrated excellent communication skills and have been quick to respond to our requests. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any owner.

Maggie Wrighton

We appointed Tewksbury Commercial Real Estate to manage our multi-tenancy building in Sherwood after managing it ourselves since we built it. We have been delighted with their attention to detail in all matters pertaining to the tenants, the maintenance of the building, and financial control. Having Tewksbury Commercial Real Estate looking after our property has taken a massive load off my shoulders and I couldn’t be happier.

John Huang

After a disappointing experience with another managing agent, we appointed Tewksbury Commercial as Property Managers of our multistorey building in Toowong starting 1st July 2021. It has been a pleasure to work with the Tewksbury team. They are quick to react to the daily pressures of building maintenance requirements, advice on contractors, financial control on income and expenditure, and are constantly assisting the tenants with the various queries that need attention. Our building tenants' legalities, maintenance, leasing, and contractors that are necessary with our business are handled with the utmost professionalism.

Michelle Hoppner

I just want you to know I and my management team appreciate your professionalism, priority, and assistance every time we have asked for help. You go above and beyond and that is rare these days.

Maddy Jacobs

I have been consistently impressed by the exceptional level of service and professionalism demonstrated by Margot and Marion and the Tewksbury team since they took over management of the building (39 Sherwood Rd Toowong). From the moment they commenced their role, their dedication to maintaining a clean, safe, and welcoming environment has been evident and they have been nothing but a pleasure to deal with. The change in the building has been evident (and is appreciated!) - from the common areas which are always spotless to new signage and safety mats rolled out - they have implemented lots of changes to improve the look and feel of the building. Their dedication and improvements to the safety of the building have also been terrific. Any maintenance issues are also promptly addressed and resolved - which was lacking with our previous building managers. The communication from the team has also been outstanding. They keep all tenants informed about important updates and any maintenance schedules. Any requests placed with Margot or Marion have been answered in a very quick timeframe and always with a great attitude and a smile - I truly appreciate the responsiveness of the ladies whenever I have questions or concerns. Overall, my experience with Margot and Marion and the Tewksbury team has been exceptional. They have gone above and beyond to make working in this building a comfortable and enjoyable experience. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking a well-managed (and importantly) caring building management company.

David Sinclair

I have experienced and benefited from the personal service and integrity of Tewksbury Commercial Real Estate.